Sunday, January 20, 2013

One Thing Leads to Another. Hal yang besar berasal dari hal Hal Kecil

My Korean Madness Chronology,

This journal is inspired by my inspirational student. I mean we start a simple project and it ends up with something big and give huge impact, for me personally.

For me, the yesterday event is trigger my creativity to the infinite wild ideas. So thank you, kiddos.

And do you realize that all awesome things around us is start from simple thing. It will becoming huge thing depend on our creativity.

1. From Ewwie to Yummy

I got the picture from 2PM hottest facebook. thank you

Do you see the images above? Those owh so freaking sexy yummy Changsung-ah and Khunnie-yah are used to be those little cells. I mean like, come on!

2. My Korean Madness

At first, Korean Artist is like, why are you making make up, bling bling dress, and act so freaking cute, since you are a boy?!!!
When I attend Korean class bacause its free, I have no passion at all. Its hard for me to learn the language since I dont have any trigger to enjoy the class.
But, finally I watch My Girlfriend is Gumiho. And Lee Seung Gi is really rob my heart away.
Lee Seung Gi used to be Strong Heart's host. He is funny. Because he is soooooo funny, I never missed Strong Heart episodes. And then I watch Super Junior Episode. Lee Donghae and Choi Siwon are the love. Then I Watch all Super Junior Shows. And I keep looking for Donghae variety shows. And end up, with cute little Master of ear on Fantasy Couple.
I love her soooooo much. She is just cute. And I keep looking for her show. And end up with Fantasy Couple with 2PM Min Jun (used to be Junsu) and Chansung. They are realllllyyyyy cute. So, I keep looking for 2PM variety Shows, and I love Khunnie soooooooooooooooooooooooo much.
He is cute, oh wait, he is perfect!
And I end up with love Junho, and all 2PM Members.
So, Lee Hong Ki, G Dragon are extra seasoning and sweetener.
Crowded life of my Korean madness.

daebak daebak \m/

3. My Student Project

This is really wtf situation at first. I mean, my coleague was going abroad for couple months. So I have partner with my sister. Then, we make something new for this computer study.
Since, the computer lab is really useless. So I came up with an idea, EO project.
Simple project. The project is making an event organizer which organize every detail on their work.
The EO are wedding organizer, catering, beauty contest, class president committee, farewell party, band gig, online store, International Symposium, Movie festival.

And my students are really brilliant. They make the project interesting. When they were presenting the project, they make the project look like real project with perfect details. The tickets, invitation letter, banner, poster, and they make the other laugh because they make such a beautiful bullshit.

so me and my sister are decided to give the reward for their hardwork.

On the other hand, my school is celebrating it birthday. And we were attending every event that held. And we 'lose'. But, wtf. As a teacher, as long as my student enjoy the process, enjoy the hardworking, cooperating each other, supporting each other, I really dont care about the prize. I mean, not because the prize is not valuable, but as long as we got the other huge value as friends and family, Wtf prizes.

So, I and my coleagues and also my boss, join the student community to held the award for my EO Project winners and the athletes. It named ANALIS HIGHEST ACHIEVEMENT OF ART AND SPORT AWARD.

There are so many hidden agendas behind this award show. But as GDragon quoted "kill your enemy with success and burry them with big smile, Its kinda revenge for our unfair big lost in Dies Natalies event. But, as community with highest creativity and skillfull brain we make the award show to kill and burry our unfair rival.

Long story short, we make the event successfull. And has the bug huge impact, because all the cheaters are really going down and my student raise their fame. And their popularity is came from their hardwork and talent, not because the judges are the people whose know the contestant.

okay.. thats all... we have a new quote now,
Little things is can be huge with a little creativity.

Well done kiddos.

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