Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Anti Mainstream Happy Birthday Song

I'm posting this in my birthday. And its kinda thrill when google page is saying happy birthday Perdina #sob

Instead of this mainstream birthday song, lets celebrate this special day of mine with the others same meaning birthday song. I would like to say a million thanks if people whose celebrating my birthday dedicated these songs for me.

Lets cheers on this maturity and beyond \m/

1. Kiss Me Now I'm Older

I am not cheap or cheese, this came from Julian Cassablancas mouth, the mouth I want to kiss. Oh okay, since I'm mature, its okay to shout this kind of stuff.

The song is 12:51, so sing it when you are become older.

2. Forever young, Im Gonna be forever young

Wise man said that when you are older, thats mean you are not add your age but your age is decrease. Based on wise man said and my new coleague, my dongsaeng, my junior named Prima Nanda whose own this  Prima's blog (you can visit the blog to see her bubbly personality.
So, instead of older, basically we are younger everytime we adding 1 digit on our age. yeah, wtf, everybody has it owns defence mechanism.

3. They make me feel so small

Blur is my favorite band when I was younger. But they made a birthday song became the gloomy birthday song. But yeah, we need some sentimental and negative side even in our birthday. We Should aware about everything, everytime!

Oh yeah, I need people think that I'm small. heuuu...

4.Seems like nothing is black and White Anymore

You know, when you are watching movie and the villain is so obvious from the begining, you just boo and leave the cinema. The White and Black are boring, like you watch the movies. When you are older, there are soooo many colors in your life. I wish my life is not only black, white, but blue, red, yellow, and all the colors. I dont wanna boring life in the rest of my days. Thank you, Ms. Colbie Caliat.

5. To be young at heart
Its cheese but its so true. Even your wrinkles is adding, but you still worth and valuable if you have heart that young, and you keep young at heart. Mr. Frank Sinatra said so.

6. The More I Suspect there's a trick

My forever boyfriend Andrew said that when you are no longer kid, you really consider all of consequences and sometimes over thinking.
Yeah that is true my sweetie Andrew.

Like this song, MGMT's Siberian Breaks

The Older I get, the more I suspect there's a trick. You know, becomes more negative and suspicious, since we are losing our innocence. But, its the effect of experiences we've been through, eh???

7. It's time I got back to Good Life

So, here is the final of my antimaintsream happy birthday songs. From Mister Rivers himself, the man with beautiful thought. Thank you for this song. 
The lyric is encouraging (ehmmmm). Every words that came from Rivers Cuomo is encouraging for me, so in my new age, I GOT BACK TO GOOD LIFE. yeaaaaay, fvcking yeaaaaaaay \m/

Thats all my unussual happy birthday, so good bye happy birthday, happy birthday to you,,,, All I need is these beautiful birthday song with fully meaning in it. haaaaa.

Oh yeah, this lovable guys from 2PM were singing birthday song for Ok Taecyeon, but I would like to hear them sing this song for me.... huhuhu....

Sengil chukhae hamnida, Perdina!

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