Tuesday, December 25, 2012

What Time Is It? 2PM Jakarta Not Oh So Moment Part II

I can't believe, there is the sequel for Not Oh So Moment. But, this happened.

Our proudly TV Local is gonna airing WTII 2PM, this huge news announced before 2PM performed. some hottest group proudly re-announced the news, again and again. Yeah, its like you win money or what. really good news.

When Super Junior concert in Jakarta, I can feel the concert excitement even I didnt go to the concert. The other local TV which airing the concert is really cool. I can see Donghae from every angle, I can hear they greet the audiences with Bahasa, everything is captured perfectly.

As 2PM die hard fan, I hope this TV local do the same with the TV local which take SuJu's.concert

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaan, Drum Roll please! huge dissapointment. 1. 2PM WTII Jakarta took 2,5 hours, and the TV only give 2 hours for this gig. at first I assumed sooo many gig moment is cut, since TV needs commercial to survive.

2. The Local TV's tweet said that sooooo many local artist are going to perform in this 2PM Music Special. okay, its not logical math, but you cant do the math with this. the original show is 2,5 hours, minus the commercial, aaaaand there are so many reduction from this local performer.

call me, not oh so nationalist, but the show named 2PM Music Special, why this title ruin by some local artist. I dont hate Indonesian boys or girls Bands. I just dont care.

3. My logical math is totally false. its not 2 hours - 25 minutes commercial - 25 minutes local artists = 70 minutes 2PM WTII but, 15 minutes 2PM with crap as the extras. Omona

4. The other crap of 2PM music Special is the Tv just mixed up MV and a tiny stage act! what the fuck is that. We can see youtube or JYP officical website for those MVs!

5. The Local TV is 100% play 'Im your man' MV. daebak.

6. what the worst is fake commercial convo between the host and the selected viewer. so lame. I mean the girl was waiting from 8 am, and she got sunlight, but she is really okay, since Marina (body lotion) is always in her bag. aaaaargggggh,. kinky to the maximal level.

7. The worst of the worst is The unwanted boys and girls band are doing lipsync. They act egyo. Trying so hard to be cute. pathetic.

But over all, 2PM is still awesome. When they trying to speak in Bahasa, they show the real them. Witty and cute.

Chansung said Terima kasih (Thank you)
Khunnie said Kangen kalian.(miss you, guys)
Junho said terimakasih atas kedatangannya
Taecyeon said love.

the hillarious moment happened when ..
1. The Big Bro Min Jun k said mari pacaran denganku,,, come,, come... he showed his naughty and kinky wave like he ussualy do. hahha...

2. Wooyoung. its really LMFAO moment. He was trying to say 'aku punya hanya kamu' but he fail. And he is trying sooooo hard to say it perfectly. funny.

okay, 2PM is really awesome. They can turn the not oh so moment into daebak moment. Damn, I love 2PM.

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