Tuesday, December 25, 2012

What Time Is it? 2PM

One word  for this,  AWESOME!

Im newbie in gig experience, you can see in my previous post that I love and I hear so many things, but I end up with hilarious gig with Ekin Cheng. my musical experience

Its okay because everybody love Ekin Cheng, eh, do you know him right? okay then

I decided come to 2PM What Time Is It Tour just because of Khunnie. I love him. you can do anything for someone you love eh?!

and kinda miss Khunnie coz he is not showing that much in TV, but he always stay in my heart. heu
but as wiseman said You can plan a pretty picnic but you cant predict the wheather. shit that happent.
so I will posting, Not oh so moment in 2PM What Time Is It Tour.

some wise man also said that play hard work hard, so I will posting some beautiful memories like Junho Moment, and Damn I love 2PM.

and also most wiser of wise man said that dont judge book by its cover or jalaran suko kulino or every quote that said you have to judge people when you are close to them, so I will posting 2PM, just the way they are.
oke then. check it out...

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