Tuesday, December 25, 2012

What Time Is It? 2PM Jakarta Not Oh So Moment Part II

I can't believe, there is the sequel for Not Oh So Moment. But, this happened.

Our proudly TV Local is gonna airing WTII 2PM, this huge news announced before 2PM performed. some hottest group proudly re-announced the news, again and again. Yeah, its like you win money or what. really good news.

When Super Junior concert in Jakarta, I can feel the concert excitement even I didnt go to the concert. The other local TV which airing the concert is really cool. I can see Donghae from every angle, I can hear they greet the audiences with Bahasa, everything is captured perfectly.

As 2PM die hard fan, I hope this TV local do the same with the TV local which take SuJu's.concert

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaan, Drum Roll please! huge dissapointment. 1. 2PM WTII Jakarta took 2,5 hours, and the TV only give 2 hours for this gig. at first I assumed sooo many gig moment is cut, since TV needs commercial to survive.

2. The Local TV's tweet said that sooooo many local artist are going to perform in this 2PM Music Special. okay, its not logical math, but you cant do the math with this. the original show is 2,5 hours, minus the commercial, aaaaand there are so many reduction from this local performer.

call me, not oh so nationalist, but the show named 2PM Music Special, why this title ruin by some local artist. I dont hate Indonesian boys or girls Bands. I just dont care.

3. My logical math is totally false. its not 2 hours - 25 minutes commercial - 25 minutes local artists = 70 minutes 2PM WTII but, 15 minutes 2PM with crap as the extras. Omona

4. The other crap of 2PM music Special is the Tv just mixed up MV and a tiny stage act! what the fuck is that. We can see youtube or JYP officical website for those MVs!

5. The Local TV is 100% play 'Im your man' MV. daebak.

6. what the worst is fake commercial convo between the host and the selected viewer. so lame. I mean the girl was waiting from 8 am, and she got sunlight, but she is really okay, since Marina (body lotion) is always in her bag. aaaaargggggh,. kinky to the maximal level.

7. The worst of the worst is The unwanted boys and girls band are doing lipsync. They act egyo. Trying so hard to be cute. pathetic.

But over all, 2PM is still awesome. When they trying to speak in Bahasa, they show the real them. Witty and cute.

Chansung said Terima kasih (Thank you)
Khunnie said Kangen kalian.(miss you, guys)
Junho said terimakasih atas kedatangannya
Taecyeon said love.

the hillarious moment happened when ..
1. The Big Bro Min Jun k said mari pacaran denganku,,, come,, come... he showed his naughty and kinky wave like he ussualy do. hahha...

2. Wooyoung. its really LMFAO moment. He was trying to say 'aku punya hanya kamu' but he fail. And he is trying sooooo hard to say it perfectly. funny.

okay, 2PM is really awesome. They can turn the not oh so moment into daebak moment. Damn, I love 2PM.

What Time Is it? 2PM

One word  for this,  AWESOME!

Im newbie in gig experience, you can see in my previous post that I love and I hear so many things, but I end up with hilarious gig with Ekin Cheng. my musical experience

Its okay because everybody love Ekin Cheng, eh, do you know him right? okay then

I decided come to 2PM What Time Is It Tour just because of Khunnie. I love him. you can do anything for someone you love eh?!

and kinda miss Khunnie coz he is not showing that much in TV, but he always stay in my heart. heu
but as wiseman said You can plan a pretty picnic but you cant predict the wheather. shit that happent.
so I will posting, Not oh so moment in 2PM What Time Is It Tour.

some wise man also said that play hard work hard, so I will posting some beautiful memories like Junho Moment, and Damn I love 2PM.

and also most wiser of wise man said that dont judge book by its cover or jalaran suko kulino or every quote that said you have to judge people when you are close to them, so I will posting 2PM, just the way they are.
oke then. check it out...

Junho Moment

Junho moment is actual keGRan moment.

Am I lucky, eh?
thanks to Jang Wooyoung's fans beside me, who make this Junho moment happened.

so here is the story, I got second row, thanks God. second row means 3-4 meters away from the stage.
my luck keep continue. Chansung, Junho, Nichkhun, and Wooyoung position always in front of me. especially Wooyoung and Junho.

These Guys always stand in fornt of my eyes, daebak
To be honest, I love all 2PM member but Junho and Wooyoung never be my number one bias.
but that night, Junho stole my attention.

my youngest sister and some of my friends are Junho's fans. they asked me to capture his picture as much as I can. They lucky. Junho always stand in front of me. Junho that night is super cute. he look so neat, his skin so white and handsome. handsome mean super handsome. IMO Junho is more handsome than Nickhun whose seem skinier.

Teehee, Juno and Nichkhun <3 td="td">
Junho's outfit is really help his super gorgeous look. He was wearing black shirt and black skinny jeans. Yeah drool! he also wear white outfit, okay, I really want to jump to the stage, and ask Junho, 'would you be my groom?'.. he looks like Prince charming from nowhere island. daebak.
Uber hawt

the girls beside and behind me shout Wooyoung like crazy. Im not type of LOL and shouting person. Even roller coaster cant make me shout. But Im trully good screamer (what the different, btw. wtf). I have loud shrieking voice. you can hear me from 10 meters away :p and gladly, that night my natural talent is in the mood. I scream JUNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.... and Junho Moment happen...

my area is full of Wooyoung fans, so 'Juno' shout from me is clearly hear. and (Drum roll.....) Junho is waving at me and smile. Omona.... And universe is really on my side that night, my camera captured Junho when he was waving at me.

 Junho moment keep continue.

 sorry if I m overated, but I have real and valid evidences through video and photos when Junho was pointing at me, looking at me. mawahahaha.. you (espcially Junho fans) might be strongly avoid this. because I dont believe either. but the photos and the videos speak the opposite, They told us, that Junho is looking at me. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Not so oh moment in 2PM What Time Is it Jakarta 2012

Nobody is perfect, Nothing is perfect.
2PM gig in Jakarta is perfect, but there are some uncool moment in 2PM What Time is it Tour Jakarta.

1. The Creator is Not oh So Professional

The promotor for the event is really bad. yeah its not okay to judge this. since I never gig-ing that much. But as human I feel humiliated.

I watched Ekin Cheng gig in Hong Kong. I realize that he is not 2PM who has beast fans, but I can say that the gig was well organized.
and what happen in 2PM what Time Is It Tour Jakarta was freak.
We are Hottest, so we have to wait in the middle of the day

The schedule are: at 3 PM we enter the sponsor area, 6 PM is the time we enter the gate, 8 PM is the show time.

but you cant believe that easily, we, hottest will come to the event on time, we came earlier baceuse we want to take over the front row. 'we' here are the festival attender. The reason why I pick festival class is I want close to the stage, and maybe if Im lucky I will touch one of the boy (Evil). but I stick to the rule. I came super early, I qued, even it hot like hell, and my face was total burning.. its okay.
I have to qued for about 8 hours, manse \m/
but, shit was happen, there is no security guide this beast fans. some bitches intruded the line. there is a chaotic scene and I fight a lot with some bitches who think okay I have to close to the stage bacause Jang Wooyoung love me. meeeh bitch, your brain is that shallow and your attitude is shit.
the official are also as shit as the bitches who cant queing. they missdirection us. and they shout us like we are prisoner from Azkaban.
they dont know right and left. so some of girls fight with the official, because we treated unfair. we have to sit but the left festival have enter the stage area.

The promotor is not ready at all. beside queing accident, the other issue is ticket check. my ticket isnt checked at all. I m sure some of unticket girls can enter the stage. some of bitches are chitchat about how she come with 200K and they behind us the festival attender whose pay 1 million.
My virgin ticket. The official not even ripped my ticket
I hope promotor is really serious, not just because we pay but treat us because we are human.
and 2PM or all big musician have big mass who will act crazy, I think promotor have to think this seriously, we dont need catfight or even some die people in the happy event right?

2. after the hot fight and the gencet-gencetan moment, I want to puke. its so not sexy.

3. I left my glasses. this is shit. extra shit.

4. Project from HottestID is total fail. 
Their hardwork and effort are not play well. when I raise the flag or fan as directed by Hottest ID official, some of girls poked.

HottestID Project is a bit fail due to hectic 

5. the girl behind me keep coughing. 
 yeah, I should no complain about this, but she cough to my face.

6. I have prepared some LED words, but it wont open. dammit.
my plan is Im gonna show this words, but naaaaah, uber fail

7. I have cramp and my waist is hurt. Stand for 6 hours is no joke.

8. actually this is funny fact. the girls/hottest including me are going crazy. we dont care with money cost 1 million. but we really care about sticker. heu

9. the bra girls whose showed off as dancer and co star is not okay at all. we dont need to see Chansung or Nichkhun hug the girls and then undress her. ewwww

The main of not so oh moment

10. its impossible but if 2PM full team 'Jay Park included', it would be more awesome.

11. our local TV is racist. sorry to say. I really dont know showbizz market, but they keep looking foreign hottest to play with, meh, its not like I want to play with our local TV, since my face all burn and greasy, but come on come on, get your crayon!

but, wise man said work hard play hard, those shit items above is nothing compare to what I got in the show. Junho Moment and Damn, I Love 2PM.